Mini Chain Gun Battlefield Case Mod

The Battlefield case mod presented below includes a mini chain gun, two military toggle switches and other features meant to keep virtual soldiers satisfied.

Bodakker, the man behind Bods Mods created what would later become the grand prize of a Battlefield vs Call of Duty showdown organized by Raptr. As seen in the below video, there were more than one design concept presented to Raptr, but the one based on the CM Storm Trooper case was finally accepted and Bods Mods turned it into reality. Bods Mods also participated in a contest organized by Thermaltake with a military case, this time inspired from Call of Duty. Strangely enough, the modded Thermaltake 10GT also featured a mini chain gun, so this must be some sort of trademark of Boddaker. However, a bit more originality from one model to another would not hurt.

The part of the side panel that features the white cross acts as a door that provides quick access to the mini fridge. Keep in mind, though, that alcohol may affect your accuracy when playing Battlefield (or any video game, for that matter), so you should use the mini fridge for energy drinks or soft drinks, rather than for beer. However, the most important feature of this case mod is represented by the mini chain gun that adorns the front of the case. To make things even more interesting, Boddaker integrated a rotary mechanism that is turned on or off from one of the military toggle switches from the custom front panel. While rotating, the mini gun makes a lot of noise, so unless the proud owner of this case mod uses a headset while playing, he or she may want to stay away from the toggle switch.

The other switch is used for powering on or off the computer. The front of the case was furthermore modified to accommodate a 200mm fan which is decorated with a sniper fan grill. The sides and the front also were decorated with some metal bars, to improve even more the military feel of the case mod. Not at last, the right side-panel features a custom-made airbrushed mural of the Raptr mascot wearing a military helmet.

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