Borderlands 2 case mod is a vault hunter’s ultimate treasure

HardForum user CrazyLefty crafts the perfect tool to help you kill psychos, bandits and raiders with total style with this kick-ass PC case mod.


Throw down your guns, and pick up your tools! Pandora’s got a new sheriff in town and it’s CrazyLefty’s amazing PC case. Whether you’re a fan of DIY work or just really love borderlands, this mod probably looks like a marvel to you. Those who’ve been running and gunning around in Gearbox’s latest bullets-and-loot shooter are bound to find plenty of things to be awesome on their first glance. Following the graphic style to the core and keeping the cell-shaded color scheme of the borderlands franchise, this mod goes the whole nine yard and gives you that rugged look without the need for rubber band and scotch tape to get by.


What’s more, the CrazyLefty has also crafted a handy carry-case for his keyboard in the likeness of Dahl corporation ammo-caches littered through the Pandoran wastelands and filled to the brim with goodies and cash.  Don’t be fooled by the rugged look, though, this powerhouse packs a nasty punch that’ll keep your games running well above 60 frames per second, and cooler than the Tundra Express Farmhouse.


With two nVidia GTX 580s, 8 fans, 16 GBs of RAM and an AMD FX-8350 processor, this cell shaded beauty is hiding a hell of a monster in its innards. Don’t let this Handsome Jack’s taunting throw you off, though, this case mod is completely unique and sadly not for sale, so all you can do is stare in awe, and maybe work on your own if you’ve got the skills.

Source: Kotaku / HardForum

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