The Asteroids Belt Straps In A Quick Gaming Diversion

Designed by a “cunning” hobbyist, it’s a belt and gaming portable in one. And it’s totally awesome.

Asteroid Belt by cunning_fellow 1

Nothing says gamer chic like a belt buckle in the shape of a handheld, especially one that can actually play games just like the custome-made pants holder by Instructables user cunning_fellow.

And that’s exactly what you get with the Asteroid Belt. Stylish, practical, and a quick time waster from an unexpected place. It’s very James Bond-esque, like a gadget designed by Q.

Construction wise, the belt buckle is made from brass and cut from an etching machine rather than your flashy 3D printer. The rest is some fancy programming that flies over my head.

Asteroid Belt by cunning_fellow 2

Right now the Asteroid Belt (ha, I get it!) only plays a clone of the classic arcade game Asteroids, named Rock Blaster, but cunning_fellow is planning in programming a few more in the future.

Could we possibly see him produce a few of these belts for commercial retail? Probably not with amount of work that goes into tinkering one of these bad boys.

Who knows though, if cunning_fellow gets enough positive responses – i.e. people bothering him on – then perhaps a future Kickstarter might be in order.

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