The Atomic Clock: A Clock For Generations

Winding watches can get tiresome, and most users would rather do that as little as possible. So, how does doing it once every 300 million years sound like?


There’s a new guideline for time all across the world thanks to one of the most precise devices in existence, the NIST-F2 atomic clock, created by the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). This device is meant to provide the time for all U.S.civilian devices as well as frequency with unprecedented exactitude.

This device is meant to replace the F1, a former atomic device. and is meant to run for 300 million years. The NIST-F2 is three times more precise and will replace the previous standard dating since 1999. NIST will keep running the F1 and F2 clocks simultaneously for comparison’s sake. Furthermore, the F2 will be providing timing and synchronization measurement services for plenty of official uses such as time-stamping U.S. bills, and sync clocks in computers and cellphones around the world.

Source: PC Mag

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