Kindle Solar Charger Makes Travelers Forget About Wires

The death of the e-readers has been sung by tablet enthusiasts for years now, yet here they are. More than that, some companies still manufacture accessories for the older e-readers, one example being the following solar charger.

The Kindle e-readers are famous for their battery life, but this does not mean that there isn’t room for improvement. As they use e-ink, battery only drains when flipping the page or when scrolling on a website. However, there are people who like spending days on end away from civilization. This particular Kindle case features a solar panel that will help these particular readers stay away from power outlets an indefinite time.

One of the major downsides of the Kindle e-readers prior to the Paperwhite was the impossibility to read in the dark. Even Amazon became aware of this problem, and the solution it came up with is an LED frontlit display that makes Kindle Paperwhite the best e-reader in the world. Still, there are plenty of Kindle 4 e-readers out there, and Amazon continues to manufacture it. The Solar Focus case packs a self-housed LED light that will make nighttime reading possible even on the Kindle 4. The LED light does not require any additional batteries, as it is powered by the solar charger, as well.

If you plan to read using a Kindle 4 in tandem with this case, you had better pick a sunny place. According to the manufacturer, it takes 3 sunny days to fully charge the batter of the e-reader. As far as the protection of the Kindle goes, people do not have to worry. The case is made out of leather and it keeps the e-reader locked in position. Once secured, it will certainly not slip. For the ones who still have a Kindle 4 or who intend to buy one in the near future, SolarFocus represents the perfect companion, as it does not offer only a lot of protection, but it also enhances the functionality of the e-book reader.

The Solar Focus charger/case combo is currently available on Amazon for $69.99 and Amazon UK for £49.90. The ones contemplating buying the Paperwhite instead of this case, are reminded that Amazon’s latest e-reader does not come with a solar charger, even though I wouldn’t be surprised if the company would include such a feature in the future.

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