AR Cinema Shows You Movies Scenes Shot Where You Are

Augmented reality is a technology that seems to have not even really been tapped to its ultimate abilities.  While there are some applications and devices that use it to some degree, there seems to be quite a bit more you can do with it.

We have already seen some really cool uses for AR, including the ability to actually interact with the environment that the Augmented Reality technology creates much like you would if you were aboard the Enterprise’s holodeck.  There also appears to be a whole movement that will allow people to use AR to shop more quickly and more effectively by showing you what you will look like wearing virtual clothing and accesories.  There are of course even more uses for the tech and one of those additional uses is coming in the form of a new smartphone app called the Augmented Reality Cinema app.

Combining Augmented Reality technology with a dash of apparent GPS technology, this particular app allows you to point your camera phone at a particular location and the movie that was shot in this location will begin playing.  Imagine you are a huge Kevin Costner fan and you know that you are somewhere in Iowa where a magical baseball field was built.  With this particular app you can point it at the field and actually relive the scene where Costner’s character is told that “people will come” as long as he keeps the Field of Dreams in tact.

While this particular app isn’t going to be curing cancer or really helping the advancement of mankind in any real way, it does show yet another direction where we can take the Augmented Reality technology.  Any app that can find a way to combine two important tech genres like AR and GPS shows that there can be all kinds of different uses for this particular software.  Being able to sit near the table where Harry met Sally and actually watch Meg Ryan enjoy her sandwich a little too much is just a perk of a growing field.