Kinect Augmented Reality Fitting Room to TopShop in Moscow

If you hate trying on clothes, but love the Kinect and all the neat hacks that people seem to come up with using it, you’ll want to check out this department store in Moscow.

AR Door, a Russian firm specializing in augmented reality solutions, teamed up with Russian clothing retailer TopShop to create a unique way to try out new clothes without having to put them on.

Some people might find the process of picking clothes off a rack, trying them on, getting rid of the one’s that don’t fit or don’t flatter you and repeating the whole process fun, but I’m one of those people who find the whole thing tedious.

They’ve modified the Microsoft’s Kinect device to display a dress superimposed on the person standing in front of a large screen, allowing the user to see how it will look, and even allowing her to turn around to see it from every angle. She can then select another one easily without having to rummage through all of the racks in the store.

The system employs gestures to select the different clothes available. It only seems to offer women’s dresses at the moment, so I’m definitely not part of the target demographic yet. I can see this technology expanding, however, to different kinds of clothing. And anyone equipped with¬† Kinect wouldn’t have to leave home to try on clothes. If this was merged with an online store such as Amazon, this could revolutionize online retailing by letting customers see how clothes will look on them immediately. Of course, you’ll still have to try clothes on in person to see how they’ll actually fit, since sizes seem to vary widely.

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Via: Wired