One-Man Band Machine

One-man bands have been around for as long as anyone can remember, and with time they seem to become even more interesting. One man has put a twist on this traditional show, outfitting himself with technology alongside his instruments.

Patrick Flanagan utilizes his array of hand percussion instruments by wielding a custom-built controller that fits around his hand, as well as a Nintendo Wii remote! By utilizing custom designed software, he is able to trigger different hits on the instruments be either pressing a different button or moving the Wii-mote in a certain manner. It’s awesome to hear Flanagan’s freestyle jazz session, especially considering that he creates these rhythms with these handful of instruments, all by using his hands!

The Wii-mote and the Springbok Controller communicate to a computer via Bluetooth and MIDI, respectively, and allow Flanagan to manipulate MAX/MSP software in his own unique way. Once it is in the software, it is then sent out in a MIDI format to the machines; a combination of Arduinos micro-switches and Solenoids. The remotes will continue to strike notes as the user wants, with tempo depending on the rotation of the controller.

Flanagan’s demonstration is quite amazing, and the lengthy video gives a great insight into the potential future for music developed in this way! If you liked this, you may also want to check out Code Organ Translates Websites Into Music and Convert Analog Music to Digital with the iRecord Music!

Via: Poptech