The Aurelia LED Lamp by Qis Design

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the Aurelia LED Lamp by Qis seeks design inspiration from the Aurelia aurita, or as we average folks call it, the moon jellyfish. Like the jellyfish species, the lamp also mesmerizes with its translucent quality and capitalizes wonderfully on the intriguing play of light and shadow.

Unlike the underwater creature it has been inspired from, the Aurelia LED Lamp is not being illuminated by an environmental light (fun fact- jellyfish don’t glow on their own) and has been equipped with environmental-friendly LED lights. The on board LEDs have  an estimated usage of  50,000 hours and the fact that it uses only 18 watts of powers, makes it  energy-efficient as well.

The Aurelia LED Lamp  has been constructed out of PMMA clear acrylic and measures a reasonable 18.4? (H) x 14? (W) x 14? (D). Since, the lamp seeks to be a juxtaposition of style and function, it has been equipped with a three-way “touch ring” dimmer, which enables easy luminosity adjustment. There is hardly any glare, thanks to its clever construction and the LEDs have been placed accordingly, so that the light reflects directly on the inner shade’s strips, which helps in maintaining a translucent ambience.

Designed to work with circuits ranging from 100-240V AC and 50-60Hz and available in three equally stunning  jeweltone colors; the  Aurelia LED Lamp  really does ups the ante when it comes lighting fixtures. Given its outer-space design, the Aurelia LED Lamp will resonate with a larger demographic, be it the self-confessed geek, the minimalist, or the purveyor of modern design. Retailing for $495, the lamp certainly isn’t cheap, but objects so beautiful, seldom are.

Distinctively modern it in its aesthetics, the  Aurelia Lamp with its futuristic vibe has an almost diaphanous quality that promise a minimalist multi-sensory experience. The  airy transparency is no coincidence, and the  subtly lit lamp has an otherworldly quality that gives and impression of it being a part of some  fantastical realm.

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