Make Creepy Personalized Pillows Through PillowMob

A head shaped pillow, with the mug of your favorite person (or the one you are currently stalking), may sound downright creepy; however, it does exist. PillowMob is an American company that makes custom pillows with images of whatever you fancy; be it the hot chick next doors, Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling (come on, you can’t blame a girl for fantasizing ) or an animal (no, not bestiality you pervert, but more of a beloved pet) or even your lovely mother (now that is an aww moment).

The idea here is simple and quite brilliant (in a bizarre way). Just upload a picture of your object of desire or a loved one on the PillowMob website and the company will customize it to make your own little puffy pillow head. The entire process is also quite easy and takes minutes to complete. The first step requires you to upload a picture on the PillowMob website. Once that is done, you will then get an option to choose the shape (circle or oval) and hair color of the pillow. After making the selection, just pay for it (around 30$ a pop including shipping) and it won’t be long before you get to curl up with your new best friend. The best part? Every photo pillow is machine washable and handmade in Seattle, so every puffy pillow is truly unique. Oh, and the company also delivers to most parts of the world for free (yes, no exorbitant shipping charges here).

The PillowMob service, as expected is creating a lot of buzz with their quirky approach to pillows. Sure, the design connoisseurs may dismiss it as kitschy or even gimmicky, but PillowMob is a fun way to express your creepy mmm crazy side. The photo pillows don’t necessary have to be creepy or scary and one can also take a more sentimental approach (say like your mum’s face for Mother’s Day). Of course, since we are the Facebook generation and quite a megalomaniacal bunch, a self-portrait on a puffy pillow head also makes absolute sense, right?

So if you fancy a puffy pillow head or dream off scaring the living daylights of your friends, head over to the PillowMob here, to order  your personalized pillow. Need inspiration? Then check out the 26 Geekiest Pillow Designs or the uber-geeky Cuddly Carbonite Han Solo Pillow.