Gadgets Cute Avengers: Age of Ultron phone charms are deteailed & awesome

Cute Avengers: Age of Ultron phone charms are deteailed & awesome

It’s amazing how much we know about Age of Ultron before it’s even been released thanks to the merchandising. Take a look at the characters as depicted by these cute phone charms.

Avengers Phone Charms 1

Meet this official set by Beast Master, a collection of phone charms coming out this year with 5 different designs based off of the heroes from Age of Ultron. And we use 5 loosely, as quite a lot of them are actually just iron man. The other most well known characters, Captain America and Thor are also depicted along with the Iron Man Drone, Iron Man himself, and the huge Hulkbuster:

Avengers Phone Charms 2

These aren’t your regular phone charms: the design is otherworldly, feature incredible details with the likeness of the heroes, and even some of them have LED functions. Apparently, the Hulkbuster (the biggest one of the bunch) lights like a Christmas Tree, while the rest feature lights on their chest or eyes, depending on their powers/costume. Because Cap is basically just a strong dude he features no lightning, but just a shiny shield, yet, did you see the detail on his helmet and suit?

The figurines are 3-4 inches tall each, which makes us question how functional they are, but they would look great even in display. You can acquire the entire set for some $70 to $80 USD, which might sound expensive for phone charms, but we think these are so much more…


Via iO9 via Kids Logic

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