Pebble Time Puts a Color e-paper Display on Your Wrist

Gadget lovers didn’t mind that the original Pebble was already two years old when they voted it as yesteryear’s best smartwatch. It was functionality they were after, not bells and whistles, and that’s exactly what they are going to get with Pebble Time, as well, just with a color e-paper display.

Bear in mind that the e-paper display is not the only thing Pebble Technologies have changed over their basic model, but this is definitely the main new feature. Other significant differences include a slimmer case, the addition of a microphone, and buttons that react what the owners of the classic Pebble are used with. The changes in hardware are also reflected in the software of the smartwatch.

The included microphone can be used for replying to notifications. In no time, all Pebble Time users will look like spies and secret agents, with the mention that they surely won’t wear tuxedos at all times and they won’t invariably order shaken Martinis. In addition to that, Pebble Time comes with a timeline UI, user being able to see past, present and future notifications at the press of a button.

In good ol’ Pebble fashion, the company turned to crowdfunding to help the color e-Ink smartwatch make the jump from a concept to a mass-produced device. Since their first smartwatch made history on Kickstarter, Pebble Technology used the same platform for this project. Needless to say, the initial funding of $500,000 has been reached within a few hours since the campaign’s beginning, and at the time of writing backers had pledged over 9 times that. Early birds had the chance to secure a Pebble Time for $159, while regular backers can get one for $179. It should be noted that the color e-paper smartwatch will be available in three versions differentiated by the color of the wristband.

The estimations on Kicktraq are absolutely ridiculous, currently trending toward $136,443,872. I doubt it that this trend will continue until the end of the campaign, but chances are that Pebble Time will break the record established by its predecessor and possibly even the one set by the Coolest Cooler last summer.

All in all, Pebble Time seems to push all the right buttons, proving that wearable tech companies don’t need to launch golden smartwatches to keep users happy.

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