5 Awesome Avengers Propaganda Posters

As phase 2 of the Marvel film aspiration continues to make its way towards the second Avengers film, it seems like there’s a need for more foot soldiers to help the important guys do their job, which is why Captain America, Iron Man and the rest are featuring on propaganda posters, recruiting among the simple folk.

Captain America Wants You!

Captain America

When a man who has been frozen for decades points the finger at you, it’s time to stop being selfish and go fight for mankind.

The “Regular” Guys Pitch

Hawkeye and Black Widow

As the first Avengers film taught us, you don’t really need super powers to fight off high-tech aliens aiming to destroy New York City. All you need is to have friends with these powers.

Asgard & Midgard Protector

Thor Poster

If you happen to be a Nordic god with the coolest hammer ever made, it certainly helps when it comes to fighting just about anything the universe throws at you.

The S.H.I.E.L.D Pitch


If a boss with an eye patch doesn’t make you want to recruit, you’re probably not a very good person.

The Science Dudes

Iron Man, Hulk

Bruce Banner isn’t always up to do some scientific chat, but he’s still quite awesome to hang out with.

For a bit more awesome propaganda, check out these from Mario, or a few brilliant ones from the Star Wars Universe with the Empire doing some recruiting.

For more awesome work, check out Adam Levermore and his website, which isn’t only about patriotic superheroes.