The Avengers Film Individual Posters

While the Hollywood world is concentrated on how big a flop will John Carter be … and how much The Hunger Games will actually make, Marvel released new posters for The Avengers film, who looks like a home run two months prior to its release, enjoying a very aggressive marketing campaign. Lets hope it lives up to the hype.

Iron Man & The Incredible Hulk

No doubt who’s the star of this film. The Ironman movies have made more than $1 billion dollars worldwide, with Robert Downey’s Jr. charm having a lot to do with those numbers. Expect him to get most of the good dialogue and screen time.

Captain America & Hawkeye

To me, Captain America was the weakest of all the individual Marvel films. Bad premise, lazy execution. The ‘First Avenger’ deserved something better, although I do like Chris Evans, who specializes in comic book roles. Maybe Steve Rogers shouldn’t be a funny guy.

Black Widow & Captain America

For the life of me, as much as I adore Scarlett Johansson for obvious and less obvious reasons, Black Widow never made sense as part of the Avengers, especially with the whole cosmic battle going on.

Hawkeye & The Incredible Hulk

Hawkeye, who’ll be portrayed by Jeremy Renner, is a cool character. Just like Natasha, he never really fit in to me in trans galactic battles armed with only his bow.

Thor & Black Widow

I was shocked by how good Thor actually was. Maybe having Kenneth Branagh direct it made it that good, given the obvious Shakespearean dimension a bigger place in the film.

Nick Fury & Maria Hill

I like Mr. Jackson as Nick Fury, I like him as anything I guess. I’m mostly happy about the story having him put the team together and not the agent who I can’t remember his name, making me think of the New Adventurers of Old Christine. Lets also hope we don’t get too much of Pepper Potts.