Care Bears and Pop Culture Icon Mashups

Check out the latest and strangest mash-ups we’ve seen in a while: Care Bears crossed with various pop culture icons.


Apparently the world was in dire need of more pop culture mashups. This time around, thanks to our source Thaeger, we’ve managed o get our hands on some truly strange illustrations of Care Bears crossed with all kinds of super heroes, movie character and villains. The pictures were produced by an artist named 4unt3r.


For the most part, these images are cute to the point of being downright revolting. I mean, wow, do they the artist somehow managed to make Freddy Kruger’s face look like something other than a pile of festering garbage. Even Jason looks more or less friendly, innocent even, when we know that underneath the mask he’s really just a plump little bear that giggles too much.

Ironically, some of these images are actually kind of terrifying, and I’m not talking about the horror movie characters here. The C3PO mashup is way over the top. He looks too happy for his own good, almost as if he’s hiding something. Not exactly the sort of character I would like to run into in the middle of the night.

Anyways, hope you get a kick out these. At the very least you’ll probably be amazed at how many of them you can recognize. ‘

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