20 Awesome Harry Potter Shirts for a Magical 2017

It’s 2017, and Harry Potter is still the hottest wizard phenomenon on the planet, with or without the new book/play/movies. So why not stay with the trend, that’s both retro and something new, by getting an awesome Harry Potter t-shirt?

Peceony Cotton Glasses Print Women Short Sleeve Shirt

This t-shirt doesn’t have Harry Potter on it. Instead it gives us his two most recognizable features: The round glasses and the bolt scar on his forehead. Minimalist approach, awesome result.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Mens Grey T-Shirt

You can see the Hogwarts crest with all four houses in all of their colorful glory on this t-shirt: Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Mens Red T-Shirt

The Harry Potter crimson red Gryffindor t-shirt is available in small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large.

Harry Potter 9 3/4 Mens Red T-Shirt

I really think someone from Hogwarts should walk around with this t-shirt at King’s Cross so 1st year students understand what they’re supposed to do.

Harry Potter Slytherin Crest Mens Black T-Shirt

If you sympathize with Wizards who like to dabble with the dark arts, Slytherin is the house and t-shirt for you.

It’s Leviosa Not Leviosa Harry Potter Shirt

This t-shirt is all about explaining how to pronounce things the right way so the magic happens.

Slytherin Alumni Shirt Harry Potter Shirts V-Neck

If you’re going to support Slytherin, at least do it in v-neck style.

Harry Potter Updated Hogwarts Crest Mens Tee

This awesome Harry Potter Hogwarts shirt provides a neat black background to the colorful differences between the houses of the best wizardry school in all the world.

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Crest Men’s Black T-Shirt

Even in 2017, when you’re wearing a Ravenclaw shirt, you’re letting the world know that you’ve got some serious hard drive power inside your skull.

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Quidditch Mens Hogwarts T-shirt

And while Ravenclaw do have a brainy reputation, they’re not bad at Quidditch too, although even bad teams get t-shirts.

Don’t be such a Muggle

This awesome anti-muggle t-shirt comes in 26 different colors.

Harry Potter Spells Mens T-shirt Movie Fun Magic Nerdy Geek Sorcerer

A t-shirt is a good way to learn spells. Just make sure you don’t actually use them, or bad things might happen.

Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Face Off Adult Mens T-shirt Black

I love this poster t-shirt because of the elder wand splitting the faces of the two most important wizards in the world, even if they aren’t really evenly matched.

Raw T-Shirt’s Don’t Let Muggles Get You Down – Funny Wizard Premium Men’s T-Shirt

This sweet little t-shirt comes in yellow and white.

Harry Potter Dobby Shall Not Harm Mens Black T-shirt

I know quite a few Harry Potter fans who still get teary eyed in 2017 when they’re nearby any kind of Dobby mention, even seeing a t-shirt.

Harry Potter Ravenclaw Raglan Athletic Tee Shirt T-shirt

While Quidditch is the official sport of the wizarding world, you can put on an athletic t-shirt and nothing more to get the sporty message across.

Letter to Hogwarts Shirt

Having this shirt doesn’t promise you’ll actually get a letter.

Raw T-Shirt Vintage Wizard

This awesome butterbeer t-shirt comes in black, maroon and royal blue.

New The Marauder’s Map Shirt Harry Potter Shirts

Not exactly a marauders map, but an artistic representation of it on a pretty t-shirt, which is worth getting nonetheless.

Harry Potter Books T-Shirt

If you’re even in a bind and need to remember the shortened names of the Harry Potter books and in the right order, this t-shirt could come in handy.