Top 7 Minecraft Home Accessories

By now, if you haven’t heard of Minecraft, you’re probably living under a rock. If you have kids, chances are they’ve been obsessed with this game at some point (or still are). Even if you don’t have kids, it’s hard to escape the cultural phenomenon that is Minecraft. You probably thought that only games with amazing graphics would be successful these days, right? Well, when Minecraft arrived on the scene a few years back, it proved that games didn’t need cutting-edge graphics for greatness, and it’s taken its place among a list of amazing modern video games.

If you haven’t yet played or seen, or even heard of Minecraft, it’s time to check it out! And once you’ve discovered your love of it (or if you’re already a fan) have a look at all of these awesome Minecraft home accessories to make your home look like a pixelated wonderland!

ThinkGeek Minecraft Light-Up Diamond Ore

Diamond ore is one of the rarest ores in the game, and chances are you’ve shouted with joy upon discovering it after hours of picking away at all kinds of rock. This light-up ore is not only a Minecraft fan’s dream, it’s also actually pretty cool looking. I think it would make a great addition in any house.

Minecraft Animal Toys (6-Pack)

Though not technically an accessory, I thought, why not use these toys as decorations? They’re adorable, they look like they came straight out of Minecraft, and they’re fun to play with. What’s not to like? They’d look great in a child’s room, on a bookshelf in your living room, or even on the coffee table. Get creative, add them as a centerpiece. My mom’s not the only one who decorates her coffee table, right?

ThinkGeek Officially Licensed Minecraft Light-Up Wall Torch

Another light, and one perhaps more suited for the adventurer. While the diamond ore light was sophisticated, I think this one is just pure fun. Put it in your child’s room, it’s probably way better than the boring lamp that’s sitting there right now. Heck, go ahead and put it in your own room. No one will judge you. We’re all kids at heart.

Minecraft Foam Sword & Pickaxe Combo, Set Of 2

This cool combo can either be used as a decoration or a toy. (Who are you kidding? You’re totally going to use it as both.) The great thing is that these weapons are made of foam, so no one will actually get hurt, and everyone will just have a good time pretending they’re in Minecraft. The pickaxe or sword could make a great addition to a future Halloween costume, while serving as a good decoration the rest of the year.

Minecraft Through Wall Stickers Creeper Decorative Steve Dig Wall Decal

Nothing says Minecraft room like a giant wall decal. This is by far my favorite type of accessory to decorate with when I’m looking for a specific theme. Just one decal can transform an entire room, making it look completely different. Surprise your child by transforming their room with this decal; I guarantee they’ll be blown away. You could even use it as decoration for a birthday party, because unlike paint or wallpaper, there’s no tricky removal involved with a decal. All you have to do is peel it off like a sticker when you don’t want it anymore.

Minecraft Ceramic Creeper Face Mug

Everybody likes a themed mug. How many of us have superhero logos, or funny quotes on our mugs? Everyone likes to wake up in the morning with a nice cup of coffee, and of course they want to wake up happy. If you’re a Minecraft fan, what better way to wake up than with a Minecraft mug? Unless of course you’re afraid of the creeper. (Not lying, I was terrified of the creeper.)

ThinkGeek Minecraft Redstone Torch USB Wall Charger

We’ve come a long way since USBs first appeared years ago. We’ve gone from boring, plain looking things, to awesome Minecraft torch USBs! How cool is that?! I absolutely love this wall charger, and besides serving the oh-so important duty of charging, it also functions as a fantastic decoration. I’m all for practical and good-looking things in life.