11 Awful Knockoff Action Figures

When you don’t’ have the money to get the license for the original character, you don’t go into despair and give up. You simply make a very cheap knockoff with a good chance of selling well because of the similarities to the actual superheroes like Batman and Superman.

Do you know Batichica?!

Mavel Team Up

The awesomeness of DC and Marvel all put into one.

Planet Girl

Jem, Barbie and some Captain Planet influence all in one package.

Pocket Monica Jump Jump Chess

Huh?! But there’s more…

Pet’s Little Intelligent Spirit


James Spader doing some vigilante work? What about the wonderful –

Combat (!!!) Spider-Man

Superman knockoff – Specialman

Comes with an X-Men utility belt.

Superheroic Man

Superman’s fantasy of riding on a horse finally comes true.

Space Wars

R2-D2 making a spin-off cameo. Chewie had a spin off of his own…

Star Raiders