Starry Night Mural Made from Recycled Door Hardware

Who would have thought that doorknobs and other such door hardware could be used someday for creating giant replicas of famous paintings? A hardware store owner from Bethesda considered this to be a good idea.

The Starry Night is undoubtedly the magnum opus of Vincent Van Gogh, fact that determined many geeks to recreate it in various ways. David Goldberg’s approach is certainly unheard of, so he gets extra points for originality. Other famous replicas include one made from quilled pieces of paper, one that featured spices and food colorings instead of paint and another one made from bacon. That’s just to give you an idea about what tools of the trade some people employ for art making.

As mentioned before, David Goldberg is a hardware store owner from Bethesda, Maryland. His work of art is located just outside Union Hardware, as his decorative plumbing and hardware products store is called.

Now, you should not think that he woke up one morning and decided to use a lot of door accessories for the replica. In fact, he has been collecting doorknobs and handles for quite some time, and he has used some of his collector’s items for this Starry Night reproduction. And by some, I mean over 1,250, which is an impressive number of doorknobs that certainly makes sense when seeing the magnitude of the mural.

The post-door Starry Night includes both American and foreign doorknobs, along with other door accessories. David Goldberg did not flirt even for a second with the idea of having them melt down, thrown away or sold. Instead, he decided to recycle them in a very artistic fashion.

It took Goldberg four months to complete this masterpiece, but the result is definitely worth it. His Starry Night can also be seen as a form of advertisement. The ironical thing is that the mural did not make his business famous only locally, but also globally, due to the high amount of publicity this work is getting all over the Web at the moment.

The wispy clouds of the replica are made from clear crystal doorknobs, while the Moon and the stars are made from thick brass handles and doorknobs. The PVC background of the mural was not only painted, but also coated in a special primer that can successfully withstand harsh weather. As of late, the store owner is known in his local town as David Van Gogh-berg, which should not surprise anyone, given the awesomeness of this mural.

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