U.S. Band Delivers New Album on Custom NES Cartridges

One American band opts to release their latest music in a new, more creative fashion that will definitely get the attention of all old-school NES lovers out there.

Who doesn’t love a bit of old-school ingenuity every now and again? The staff at Walyou is always looking for those who take a bit of creative license when it comes to typical things we see around us, including CDs. One band from Birmingham, Alabama, Fort Atlantic, wanted to find a fun alternative to buying CDs and music off iTunes, and opted to put their album on a custom NES cartridge.

Now, before you start searching your basement for your old NES system and wiping off years of dust, know that this cartridge does not work in the machine. Rather, there is a USB connector as the cartridge works as a MP3-like device. Stored on the cartridge are music, photos, artwork, and a video.

The frontman of Fort Atlantic, Jon Black stated that this creative idea was inspired by his love for old school NES games and the excitement felt every time he got a new one.

There are only 50 of these custom NES cartridges being made. They cost $25 and can be found on Fort Atlantic’s official website. For those who want to experience the music but do not want to shell out the money for the custom NES cartridge, the album is available for $7.99 on iTunes.

Here is a taste of some of the music available!

Thanks to Geekosystem for sharing this!

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