Uncharted Series Cut Into Full-Length Movies

One Uncharted fan splices up each Nathan Drake adventure into three, fun feature-length movies on YouTube.


Take out the third-person shooty bits, the button-mashy fight scenes, the over-elaborate puzzles that sure are a lot of trouble just to hide a lost city, and Naughty Dog’s mega-popular Uncharted series becomes a movie fit for the big screen. Really, all three Uncharted titles to date borrow heavily from cinematic history, movies like Indiana Jones, Lawrence of Arabia, and Die Hard, that the process from video game blockbuster to Hollywood blockbuster should, in concept, be simple.

Yes, yes, you might have already guessed it Sherlock. One such dedicated YouTube user and admitted Uncharted fan, by the hacker-alias of morphinapg, has took and just finished the editing task of putting my theory to the test, turning each Nathan Drake action-adventure spectacle into three individual feature-length films.

Discussing their reasoning (do they even really need one?) for re-cutting the Uncharted series into movie form on Reddit, morphinapg had this to say: “I’ve often heard many people describe these games as like controlling a movie, and have heard many people say that these games are just as fun to watch as they are to play, and I agree with both of those things.”

They then added, along with listing their editing process, “that gave me the idea to edit these games into movies. That way I would be able to watch the story of these games in one sitting easily, and without having to take up a considerable portion of my day. Not only that, but I would be able to show these to people who either don’t have a PS3, don’t have or want these games but still are interested in seeing the story, or even don’t play video games at all.”

Each Uncharted edited featurette comes in around one-hour-and-change (although, the later two come in at almost two hours), which certainly lives up to morphinapg’s vision (mine too!) on giving a digestible, enjoyable take on all three PlayStation 3 exclusives to both vets and newbies to the series. Heck, it might even make a few pick up and play the original source. You know, I hear they’re all pretty good.

Betcha all the doubloons in gulf that morphinapg’s adaptations will be the closet we’ll get to having a real live-action Uncharted movie. I think I’m good with that, actually.

Oh, and I’m also quite good with the selection of nerdy interests here on Walyou. Personally, The upcoming May 4th Avengers movie has me totally hyped, but would I be hyped if it looked like this fake 70’s version? Yikes, now that was something… Now I need a slice of this yummy Minecraft cake to calm my fears.