Should You Check Your E-Mail?

If you had been told by people that you checked your email too many times, here is how you can decide for yourself if that accusation was true.

Wendy Macnaughton has unveiled a cool infographic that lets you decide if you really need to check your email every 10 minutes. The flowchart takes you through various possible instances with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ for an answer.

Ultimately, in most instances, it may be unnecessary to check email all the time. It is a humorous flowchart, that takes a satirical look at the way we are accustomed to checking email every other time, and almost getting disappointed if the phone doesn’t vibrate or notify us about new emails. While most of us would agree that it is not actually necessary to check email every few minutes, it might also help us to introspect about our own addiction to InterWebs.

It might also help us to ‘unwire’ ourselves for a while and stop indulging in our compulsive email-checking behavior. You might also want to take a look at the Brain on Media infographic, which reveals a lot about the way we are wired to gadgets, Internet and technology. If you still love checking your email all the time anyway, you might at least benefit from reading 15 tips for Better Email Etiquette.