BANG BANG! Lights Out!

If you need to turn off the light from across your room, but are too lazy to get up and do not have good aiming skills when it comes to throwing shoes at a light switch, Bitplay’s BANG! Lamp may be the perfect option for you.

We have all seen (and made fun of) the commercials for the Clapper. Clap On. Clap Off. The Clapper. However, the target market for The Clapper has been, well…let’s just say people in their “Golden Years.” But let’s face it, we have all had times when we are just too gosh darn lazy to get on our feet, walk a very short distance to the other side of the room, and flip a switch. Luckily, now there is a new novelty lamp on the market that actually lets you shoot your lights on and off.

Bitplay has recently come out with the BANG! lamp, which they describe as a “whimsical and interactive object d’art.” It works relatively the same as the Clapper, but it is so much cooler! Rather than throwing a heavy item at a lamp, such as a ball, a shoe, or a book, you simply aim the gun and shoot at the lamp. One of the most interesting parts is when you shoot the light off, the lamp shade gets knocked off kilter, showing that you have hit your target.

Check out the ad for this fun lamp!

The remote works up to distances of 49 feet (15 meters) and is being sold throughout North America, Asia, and Europe for various retailers with a price tag of $299.00.

So rather than get off our lazy behinds and shut off a lamp the old-fashioned way, shoot its lights out instead!

Thanks to Gizmag for posting this story first!

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