Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Takes on the Amazon Kindle

Barnes & Noble new Nook Tablet hopes to take on Amazon’s Kindle and knock it out of the water with better tech specs and more features.

the nook tablet barnes and noble

The tablet was unveiled along with all its details at an early launch ceremony on Novemeber 7th. According to sources, at the event, a spokesperson for Barnes & Noble took no small stab at Amazon claiming that that “With the Nook Tablet we are delivering the best media device ever created in a portable form factor”.

While it might sound like the usual bragging that comes with any tablet launch, the Nook looks like it has the specs and features to back it up.

The Nook Tablet follows in the line of the earlier Barnes & Nobles e-readers in terms of shape and design, noticeably that of the Nook Color which launched last year.

In fact the Tablet will be using an HD Vividview 7″ touch screen similar to that of its predecessor, able to display 16 million colors with ultra-brightness. This time around the Tablet will have a new anti-glare feature that was unavailable for the Nook Color.

nook tablet

The Tablet will have access to a total of 2.5 million books, comics and magazines offered by Barnes & Noble, along with Netflix, Hulu Plus and Pandora for movie streaming. Similar to Amazon, the Nook will offer recommendations based on what you’ve watched and read and hopefully let you discover some new titles along the way.

The Tablet comes equipped with 16 gigs of memory, along with 1 gig of ram (twice that of the Nook Color and Amazon’s Kindle) which along with its dual-core processor should really help the Tablet when it comes to multi-tasking. Battery life should be approximately 11.5 hours when the Tablet is used for reading and light web browsing, and up to 9 hours for video and streaming.

Files and purchases will be stored over the Nook Cloud system, which will remember and protect your e-books and movies should anything happen that you will need to replace your Nook. Also, Android apps like Angry Birds and Epicurious will be available.

The Nook Tablet will be available for purchase on November 17th for the modest sum of $249.99

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