Firefox 8 Now Available for Download

If you had been using Mozilla Firefox 7 and cursed how slow it is, well help is here. Firefox 8 would be hitting the shelves on November 8th and promises to be faster, slicker and more efficient in using up your computer’s resources.

In fact, gHacks found Firefox 8’s files right on Mozilla’s FTP servers and have now uploaded it for all of us to try. The new version comes with embedded Twitter in the search bar, better tabs, and the ability to use HTML 5 context menus. In fact, Firefox 8 promises a lot more punch than just this much.

I went ahead and tried to use the Firefox 8 myself, and found it a lot faster than the previous versions. The add on manager looks a lot better, and the tabs open a lot quickly than they used to in Firefox 7.0, even after all those minor updates. However, I still could not find the Twitter feature in the beta release. One might probably have to wait for the official launch day, which is on the 8th of November. Integrated Twitter in Firefox 8.0 could be a boon to most people who use social media intensively. A faster interface already has gotten me excited and the embedded Twitter seems very promising indeed. At the moment, you could go ahead and try the new version 2 days prior to the official launch.

Both Mac and Windows users can download the beta version of Firefox 8. Recently, many Firefox users had switched to using Chrome because of the slowness and tardiness. Moreover, Firefox has given problems to people who multitask a lot. All these issues might change with the new version. We had also written about Firefox 6, which had caused quite a stir back then. If you are in the mood, you could take a look at the Top 25 Firefox Extensions which are meant to help web developers.