Clever Invention For Lazy Alcoholics: The Robotic Bartender

Coffee machines are so common these days that it’s kinda hard to believe drink making machines are so rare. Of course if you consider commercial projects only, because Drink Making Unit 2.0 is (sadly) just a DIY machine.

Well, one must agree it’s not very trustworthy judging from the outcome. It looks like a kind of steampunk scientist chemistry equipment or at least some illegal alcohol distillation machine. What’s more, the creators of Drink Making Unit 2.0 call themselves Evil Mad Scientist Laboratory. What could you expect?

Surprisingly, this clever machine is actually a kind of robotic bartender. And seems to be quite successful on this matter, as it’s the second edition of the DIY project. The team behind Drink Making Unit 2.0 say it was built from a variety of pieces coming from places like pet stores, chemistry labs or Japanese gardens. Last year’s project had even some… breast pumps!

Drink Making Unit 2.0 can mix up to 6 different liquids in perfectly measured ammounts. This time, guys from Evil Mad Scientist designed a control panel which allows an automated choosing of liquids. Though you can mix any drink, it looks like designers’ target was alcohol at most. The machine was presented druing BarBot 2011 event and the previous version had its five minutes during last year’s BarBot edition.

Well, it looks very clever, but it’s common knowledge that mixing drinks is just a part of bartender’s job. Those guys must often act like psychologists, doctors or even security officers when needed. Not the easiest job for a robot.

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Via: Evil Mad Scientist