Cool Batarang Replicas are a Must Have for Batman freaks

cool batman batarang gadgetAll you Batman “Bat freaks” gear up and get ready to fight those against the Gotham city with these cool Batarangs that promise to make others in your Batman Fan club envious of you. These accessory weapon that the caped crusader carries and uses in need of emergencies to ward of enemies from distance are exact replicas of the one used in the movie Batman: The Dark Knight and are available in limited quantity with only 1500 of this cool flinger being manufactured.

These high quality, edge-to-edge crafted replicas, which are made up of cold-cast porcelain and artistically hand painted are kinda photocopy of the ones displayed in the movie with dimensions of about 5 inches tall x 5 inches long x 7 ½ inches wide. What’s more? This prop replica comes mounted on a matching display base and comes with a certificate of authenticity to prove that your buy is not a fake. Available for a price of $91.90, this one will definitely burn a hole in your pocket, but, I bet, that a BatFan won’t mind even breaking open his budget cut piggy bank for this prop, right? Another stuff that a BatFan shouldn’t miss out is the Joker Poker set which can be a great collectible along with the batarang.