Jet Set in True Batman Style: The Bat Cave Meets Hotel Room

For more than fifty years, Batman has been keeping the streets of Gotham City safe from petty criminals and costumed madmen. Alone, or sometimes with a brightly-attired young boy, he swoops from building to building, dealing out his own particular brand of flying-rodent-style justice. His war on wrongdoing is never-ending, and he has sworn to dedicate his life to taking on crime in all its vilest forms. But even half-crazed, black-clad vigilantes have needs.

For those times when the battle gets to be too much and he needs a little “physical healing,” Batman retires with a special friend to a secret room in the Batcave, one where the only evil that needs vanquishing is the one that keeps a grown man from getting his bat-freak on. Luckily for you, and fans of Batman and romance charged by the hour, a hotel in Taiwan called Eden has acquired the plans to Batman’s love nest and has lovingly recreated it for all your amorous adventures.

Appointed in a lovely black and concrete motif, you’ll almost swear you’re hundreds of feet below stately Wayne Manor and just steps away from the hideout of one of the world’s greatest crime-fighters. And just in case you forget, even for a minute, there’s a huge Batman symbol on just about every surface. There’s even a Batmobile couch if you want to pretend you’re bringing Catwoman back to the cave for some “intense” questioning.

Since any serious superhero can only spare a few short hours away from the fight on villainy, the Eden charges by the hour. And for only $50 for a three hour stay, you don’t need to have Bruce Wayne’s bank account to make your Bat-dreams come true. Just, please, for the love of all that is good, don’t make your date dress up like Robin for your romantic adventure. Some longings are best left unspoken.

If you can’t afford to take three hours off from your anti-crime crusade, why not try the Sleep Box the next time you need a nap. Or, if you want to get some Bat-loving on the run, check out the Batman Superbus.