Someone Please Terminate This Terminator Statue

If you’ve ever been into any of the campy Planet Holywood theme restaurants, then you must at least be somewhat familiar with the customary Terminator statue near the entrance.

This statue however, looks like it didn’t make the cut. Instead, this one resides at the Ripley’s Orlando Odditorium lobby.

Media Robot

It was created by artist John Ramos (Ramos, not Stamos), took him around five months and is made out of clay, paper, resin, plastic and a real vampire bat.

Hollywood Hangover

I don’t really know what to take of this. I mean on paper, this is exactly the kind of art that I love. It combines characters from movies I thoroughly enjoyed and bizzarly uses a statue of Terminator as a canvas. He has Jimmy Neutron etched on his left temple, Julia Roberts on his cheek, Star Wars thrown somewhere into the mix and Claire Danes on his left ass (unverified); what is there not to like?

Standing Tall

I think part of the problem is that it looks really loud. There’s just too much to look at and the whole thing looks like John Ramos made the statue using only boot-leg pictures of scenes/posters from the movies. I looks like if you threw a bucket of water at it, it would melt into a pile of goop, but not in the cool silvery way of the second Terminator.

Save Me

Notice the look on his face? It’s not bad-assery or the face of a future cyborg sent back in time to stop a human rebel faction; it’s fear, fear that SkyNet sold him out for ad-space. His new catch-phrase: “I’ll be back … after a few words from our sponsors”.

Close Up

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Via: GizmoWatch