The Literally Cool Snow Valkryie Figure

Forget those standard snowmen, this custom snow Valkyrie sculpture from the 1985 hit show “Robotech Macross Saga” will be sure to entertain both children and adults alike. Sure it might take a little longer than simply rolling balls of snow, but totally worth it.

Valkyrie Snow Sculpture

Miguel Valenzuela created this large sculpture out of, obviously, snow and some finger paint. While there’s no information on how long it took to build this Valkyrie VF-1S in Battroid Mode, it’s safe to guess that it probably took longer than a couple hours judging from the time on Valenzuela’s other projects. The attention to detail is impressive and while the paint might be bleed into the snow after a couple hours in the sun, it’s still fairly recognizable for people who watched the show. There’s the skull and crossbones logo, rounded green visor, four laser cannons mounted on either side of the cannon and of course the Gatling canon pod. The sculpture appears to stand at probably 6 feet tall or above and is holding up two Zentradi soldiers, aka Valenzuela’s kids.

Valkyrie Snow Sculpture 2

“Macross” might not have been one of the more popular kid’s shows, but it featured plenty of memorable characters, transforming planes and a lot of action. While it rode on the coattails of “Gundam,” the show it certainly left it’s mark on Miguel Valenzuela and now his children who are being held at gunpoint by a six foot snowman. For some, it might seem like a waste of time to create something as complicated as a Valkryie VF-1S out of snow, but hey if you’re living in Norway like Valenzuela, there’s enough snow to make it life size. Heck, you have to find some way to enjoy it so why not create snow sculptures?

Valkyrie Snow Sculpture 3

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Thanks Miguel for the tip!