Incredible Battle Armors For Fighting Championships

A new set of skills might be required when it comes to close-quarters combat, and that is that of technology and robots, as these futuristic armors enter the game.


The suit you see in the pictures is called Lorica, and it’s a high-tech armor created by Unified Weapons Master from Australia for combat. The suit is meant to allow combatants to hack, bash and attack each other without killing or chopping limbs off.


These suits were created from a blend of flexible materials meant for protection, but also includes all types of connectivity including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as a point-of-view camera, microphone and 52 pressure sensors that broadcast data to a computer, so users/coaches can keep track of what’s going on inside the suit. This armor would allow martial artists to move at full speed and use real weapons to fight creating a better visual spectacle.


You can see more about the Lorica in the video below these lines:

Source: Geekologie

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