Beats Pro by Dr. Dre: Headphones With 24 Kt Gold

Technology, comfort and luxury totally blend in with the California rap scene, which Dr. Dre represents so well. Now, the mastermind behind The Chronic has something for audiophiles. These here are headphones by CrystalRocked, who already made themselves a name by creating headphones with crystals, diamonds, and all those things we all like so much, with the endorsement of Dre himself. And like the artist they’re themed after, these are solid gold. 24 kt, to be precise.


The Beats come in two colors, black or white, although the gold remains the same. We seriously don’t recommend wearing these in the streets, unless you want to get mugged, or are a celebrity already (we’d be killing for one of these if we were, say, Rihanna or Dre himself. The best part? Besides the gold treatment, these are professional DJ headphones, with astonishing quality, perfect for mixing: it’s the full package.

And as we know, gold is not cheap. These go for £998.00, or around $1,580, depending where you’re from. It’s the price of having the best of the best, though.

This lead comes courtesy of our pals at ChipChick, but we have more headphones here at Sleek Audio SA1 Earphones and Kleer Wireless System [Hands-on Review] and The History of Headphones [Infographic].