15 Weird & Unusual Bed Designs

People don’t want to just have a good night’s sleep these days. That isn’t enough. Comfortable? Sure, that’s a quality that’s sought after when shopping for a bed. But more importantly, for some people? Uniqueness. Making an impression, bad or good, on people visiting your house.

If you’re not planning on having any normal dates anytime soon into your bedroom, you might find what you’re looking for. If you’re rich and have nothing to do with your money, you might find the dream bed waiting here for you.

Tennis (???) Ball Bed


Hamburger Bed

Doesn’t look very comfortable, but you know what you’re going to be dreaming about at night. Probably not so good for your diet as well.

The Exactly One Position Bed

For Those With Long Extremities

The Bed in a Barrel

Bed in a Pod

Sexy Girl not included.

Concrete Sewage Pipes Dream Bed

Jaws Bed

Indescribable Bed

Equipped with height, depth and camouflage.

Couch Into Two Storey Bed

The Mousetrap Bed

Doesn’t look safe enough to actually sleep in.


Entertainment Bed

Creepy Hay Bed

The Tree Bed

Locked-In Bed

If you’re running an insane asylum, or maybe you’re Jabba the Hutt, this is the bed for you.