FBed: The Ultimate Bed For Facebook Fans

Facebook addicts, rejoice, now you can do something else Facebook related besides browsing the social network on your laptop or mobiles in bed.


This concept (sorry, you can’t buy it… yet) was created by Croatian designer Tomislav Zvonari? of DevianTom. The bed is shaped after the logo of the popular social network, and allows you to do two of our everyday activities in modern society: use Facebook and sleep. Zvonari? explains that “[the] FBed is a conceptual, multipractical bed design that would allow you always to be up to date and close to your online friends even when you sleep. The idea is that you may hoop in front of your screen directly from your bed when you wake up, and  inverse when you get tired and wan’t to go sleep…”


Being that Facebook got as big as it did in such a short time, and that pretty much everyone is there by now, the site has become part of our everyday conversations, and has invaded many other aspects of our lives. This concept is ideal for those that already live and breathe connections, and browse the site before going to sleep, or just after waking up. Who needs a smartphone, anyways! Just make sure to find nicer sheets than the ones in the picture, we can’t help but feel plain white would look better.


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