Darth Vader Made Out Of Old Spoons

If you haven’t noticed already, we love the “Star Wars” series, especially when we pretend the prequels don’t exist. One guy has made a bust of Darth Vader out of old, tarnished spoons and other junk.

The project was done by a French artist named Alain Bellino. He started the project with two old spoons, and built the whole bust of the Sith Lord out of stuff that came from his silverware drawer. The vaguely steampunk look actualy fits in with the “Star Wars” universe’s view of a grimy, lived-in view of space, distinct from the gleaming metal in most other science fiction of the time. Check out the link above for more photos of the thing coming together.

Bust of Darth Vader

It’s nice that he could use stuff to make this incredibly detailed replica of Darth Vader rather than just throwing it out. Yes, I know it’s possible to polish silver but doing that would just turn the utensils into things you could eat with. Where’s the fun in eating when you could be building things like busts of Darth Vader instead?

Vader Bust 2

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