Beer Bottle Opener Answers “How Many did You Have Last Night?”

A new beer bottle opener allows suspicious spouses to figure out exactly how many beers their husbands had before stumbling into bed for the night.

“A couple” is such a delightfully vague answer to many questions – “How many hot dogs did you eat?” “A couple.” “How many pairs of jeans did you buy?” “A couple.” “How many beers did you drink?” “A couple.” And while stomach aches and credit card receipts will aid in answering the first two questions, aside from counting bottles piling up in the recycling bin, there is no real way to tell how many bottles a beer a person has had in one sitting…until now.

On the market is a new LCD bottle opener that actually keeps count of how many bottles of beer a person has consumed on any given night. This battery powered bottle opener features a digital counter along the handle, totaling up just how many beers have been opened. For less than £5, you too can determine just how many beers your significant other pounded during the sports game on the evening before.

According to Amazon, this bottle opener is the perfect present for a competitive drinker.

It is like the alcoholic equivalent of an odometer, perking up the question if you are able to go the distance!

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