Quirky Custom Beer Bottle Chandelier

Man’s greatest invention was certainly not video games but that drink called beer.

If not for beer, how could we possibly have thrown all the beer bottle caps at the ceiling and then try to duck our heads so that it didn’t leave a tingling feeling on the cheeks when it came falling down? Well, with that in mind, someone has decided to create a Custom-made Beer Bottle Chandelier for all those pot-bellied drunks who just can’t keep themselves from throwing bottles and caps at the ceiling.

At least, if there were a chandelier hanging above their head that looked similar to the bottles and caps, they would know that they can’t be messing around with glass objects, no matter how drunk they are. The chandelier is made from aluminum and comes with a Cap Keeper display, which the maker suggests is great for throwing your caps at.

The chandelier makes use of LED lights and seems like a great choice for those weird parties that are filled with gadget-crazed people who talk more about video games than different kinds of beer. You could also go ahead and take a look at the CMYK Chandelier and the iPhone Controlled LED Chandelier that we wrote about earlier.