Bento by Rene Lee: Imagine the Possibilities

Shortlisted from thousands of entries in the Fujitsu Design Awards 2011, this ingenious concept integrates several devices into one awesome and versatile package. The Bento boxes of the future won’t just be for sushi and rice, but for computers and mobile devices!

Bento 1


The recently held design awards had the theme, “A Life with Future Computing” and were organized by Design Boom in collaboration with Fujitsu. This brilliant design by Rene Lee was a definite eye-catcher, leaving more room for the imagination to think of the possibilities. The idea of Bento was to combine a laptop, tablet, and smart phone into one. It also includes an eco-friendly power source, plus a generous hard drive storage medium.

Bento 2

Open up the Bento and you see a 15-inch OLED screen, below that, where the keyboard should be, is a removable 11-inch tablet. On the lower left compartment is a solar powered lithium ion battery. In the lower middle compartment is a smart phone with a 4-inch touchscreen, while to its right is a compartment for a 1 TB hard drive.

Bento 3

Bento 4

Rene Lee envisioned his Bento to serve as a complete computer system when put together. When each device is removed from its docks, they can still function independently. Whether you just want to play games on the handy tablet, or make phone calls with the smart phone, it’s just a matter of taking your pick. The user can separately upgrade the power source and the memory storage can be separately if needed, so he won’t have to buy a whole new Bento system for that. How economical indeed!

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Via: Design Boom