Rolltop 2.0 Updated Conceptual Design

Almost a couple of years ago, I had written about sleek and slim ‘Rolltop,’ a conceptual laptop that could be rolled like a newspaper and carried in the most chic manner possible.

With that in mind, one may recollect that the Rolltop was to come with OLED Display technology and a multi touch screen.

This was quoted as one of the reasons why it was possible to make the Rolltop so light and so sleek. Rolltop was also to come with advanced computing features, and the ability to use it as a laptop and also as a monitor. Now, the concept has almost been materialized and the company has launched a really exciting video which shows a bright red Rolltop 2.0 doing many more things than we initially presumed it could.

It would not only be possible to roll it and carry it like a newspaper, but it would also hold a cool power button and a sleek control button without adding any bulk. The carry case would double up as a loudspeaker and would also function as a plug point. The Rolltop could be used as a laptop, a monitor and also as a table top with which you could draw, write, and even paint using the electronic pen.

The touchscreen makes it possible for you to try things that you never thought could be possible on a conventional laptop. There is no information about its battery life or how much it might cost but the very existence of a new video and the announcement that the concept has been updated give us hope that the Rolltop would finally materialize, and that could be any moment now.

Rolltop would make carrying laptops and other heavy netbooks redundant. All one would need to do is roll it, and wear it like a sling bag. You could also take a look at 22 Futuristic Laptop Designs. If that tires you, and makes you hungry, do take a look at the Laptop Lunch Box.