Feno Folding Notebook Design

If you are familiar with notebooks then you know that they are built to be light and small.  The reason for this is portability, and by folding the screen down you have something that is relatively thin and easy to pack.  However, while most notebooks fold once, the screen closing down on the keyboard, there is a notebook concept that can fold three times.

The Feno is a notebook, but unlike it’s predecessors who have the typical hinge between keyboard and screen, the Feno has three hinges, one located within the display.  You might be wondering how this is possible.  What makes this possible is something called an OLED screen.

An OLED, organic light emitting diode, is a screen that has a film of organic compounds that produce light when there is an electrical current pressent.  The advantage of an OLED screen is that it is much lighter, and extremely flexible, which is exactly what the Feno is designed for.

Being able to fold on three hinges makes the Feno much more compact and portable than any standard notebook.  When completely folded the Feno is barely wider than the width of a DVD.

The design itself is also impressive having a very sleek and stylish aluminum look, somewhat like something Apple would release.  However, unlike Apple, the Feno has a unique keyboard area.  The area is very short, and the reason for this is that it not only makes it so the Feno can fold into thirds, but that the keyboard lacks a track pad.  You may think that this is an inconvenience, but something makes up for it.  Although it lacks a trackpad, it makes up for it with a cool, tucked away mouse that is small enough it can be inserted into the side of the notebook.

Also, for those of you that are familiar with other aluminum style notebooks, you know that the edges can be somewhat uncomfortable on the wrists.  Well, the Feno will take care of you with the sleek and smooth curved edges.  Although still a concept, we hope to see the Feno come to the market soon as one of the most portable, light, and small notebooks there is.

This isn’t the only cool concept out there though.  You might be interested in reading about the LG Slide concept and the Lifebook X2 concept.

Via: Yanko Design / Niels Van Hoof