7 Best 4K TVs to Keep an Eye on in 2017

Even though 8K TVs were all the rage at this year’s CES, 4K television has yet to go mainstream. Let’s take a look at some of the best 4K TVs you can buy in 2017.

With both 4K monitors and TV sets becoming more affordable, it definitely looks like 2017 is going to be the year a lot more people adopt this resolution.

#1 LG OLED65B6P#2 Samsung UN65KS9500#3 Sony XBR65X930D#4 TCL 65US5800#5 Panasonic TC-65AX800U
Ultra-thin design, OLED HDRQuantum Dot Color Drive, HDR 10003D, Smart Functionality, Voice Remote ControlExtremely affordable 4K TVTHX 4K Certified Display
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If you’ve finally decided to step into 4K territory, here are the best available options. To make sure we’re comparing apples to apples, we’ve decided to compare only 65-inch TV sets.

#1 4K TV: LG OLED65B6P

If you’re not taking any of that “Orange is the new black,” then your choice should definitely be this LG OLED6 series 4K TV. The black level response is nothing short of breathtaking. The ultra-thin design can complement any modern living room perfectly.


As a downside, you might notice that the very bright areas lack some details. Neither this, nor the subtle picture noise problems won’t make the LG OLED6 any less irresistible. The only thing that could possibly keep you away is the price tag of $2,997.

#2: Samsung UN65KS9500

Not only is this KS9500 series 4K TV curved, but it also packs several features you’re not going to see from other brands. While the curved screen isn’t for everyone, people looking for a more immersive experience will surely appreciate it. However, the use of HDR is really what sets this one apart.


Most people will probably use this 4K TV in tandem with a home theater system. Should you decide to rely solely on the TV set’s own speakers, you’ll definitely be surprised by the sound quality. Even at $2,197.99, this Samsung 4K TV is not the most expensive in our list, but includes features that are well above this price tag.

 #3: Sony XBR65X930D

Looking for top-notch picture quality, but can’t quite afford an OLED 4K TV? Sony’s high-end XBR-930D series should be your immediate choice. The Japanese manufacturer’s product scores high on design and performance, but could have been better in the features department.


Considering that for $1,798 you’re also getting 3D functionality, this Sony 4K TV could really transform your living room.

#4: TCL 65US5800

While other 4K TV manufacturers have decided to equip their products with proprietary multimedia players or with clunky versions of Android, TCL chose the Roku path. The smart TV experience provided by the 65US5800 feels superior in every possible way.

At $991.24, TCL’s offer is also the most affordable 4K on this list. As far as the value is concerned, it could have been better, as the picture quality doesn’t surpass the 1080p version that much, even though there are a lot more pixels at play here.

#5: Panasonic TC-65AX800U

This 4K TV’s integrated camera really takes entertainment to the next level. Sure, smart TV’s weren’t built for Skype calls and such, but it’s good to know that the option is there.


At approximately $1,700 the Panasonic TC-65AX800U is an excellent choice, if you consider that it comes with a THX 4K certified display.

Vizio D65u-D2 – First Runner Up

The first Vizio product on this list (that’s right, there are more) and it’s praised by the people who have bought it for having deeper blacks, better dark scene uniformity, just as good low motion blur and color accuracy that’s on par with non-OLED Samsung 4K TVs, once calibrated.


For around $900, the Vizio D65u-D2 is a budget-friendly solution that doesn’t require you to make many compromises.

Vizio Reference Series – Second Runner Up

Even though the design of the Reference Series was first showcased by Vizio at CES 2014, this 4K TV still looks very futuristic, a fact that earned it a spot as the second runner-up in our list. Some of the highlights include 10-bit color, full-array local dimming and quantum dot color.

Most importantly, the Reference Series includes a soundbar, subwoofer and speakers, so you won’t have to spend extra for great sound quality. The only compromises you will have to make are viewing angles, which aren’t very wide, and color accuracy, which doesn’t excel. Other than that, this particular set is quite the bargain.

Which one of these will be on your shopping list this year? Do you know any other options that haven’t been included in this list? If so, please leave them in the comments section below.

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