The Best Alarm Clock You Will Ever Wake Up To

Have trouble waking up in the morning, even with an alarm clock right next to your head? Try staying a night in a clock tower hotel where the actual clock is in your room!

You are sleeping in a nice, comfy and cozy bed, enjoying the sun starting to make its way through the blinds when BOOOOOOOOOOOONG, you are immediately awoken (more like you are so startled you fell out of bed) by the sound of a clock tower…in your room.

Well, this is something that you may have to consider if you are looking to stay in the Clock Tower Hotel. Located in Belgium at Ghent’s main train station, this hotel is actually a conceptual art piece created by Tazu Rous, a Japanese artist. The hotel is built approximately 75 feet (23 meters) off of the ground and goes around the top of the clock tower.


So if you are ever in Belgium and you need to get up early the next day, I would highly suggest you stay here. It is quite possibly the best alarm you will ever get. (If you do not mind going deaf for a few days after it goes off that is!)

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