Sudoku Wristwatch by Tokyoflash

Tokyoflash, a watch company renowned for making some of the best geeky wristwatches, revealed its latest creation: the Sudoku wristwatch.

Sudoku is one of the logic-based combinational number-placement puzzles that enjoys a lot of popularity all over the globe, so it is a bit surprising that no one thought of making a watch based on it. Tokyoflash the things straight by making a geeky wristwatch that despite looking confusing at a first glance, it is actually very easy to use.

The display of this wristwatch features a classic 9×9 Sudoku grid, with 3×3 sub-grids. I say classic grid because there are plenty of variations, and using any of those might have given Sudoku watch owners a bit of a headache. Fortunately, the ones who will wear this watch do not have to solve the puzzle to find out the current time. Instead, they will notice that 6 of the sub-grids feature a blank cell. Basically, two of them stand for the hour, two for the minutes and the last two for the seconds.

Fortunately, the watch also comes with instructions, so the ones that do not get the hang of it from the first second are suggested to read and follow those.  Filling the blank cells with the correct numbers will help users determine the time. As seen in the above picture, the 6 numbers are read from left to right. However, if Tokyoflash decided the scramble the numbers every so often, reading this clock would be really challenging, as it would be quite difficult to follow. Even without this increased difficulty, it will not be easy for most people to tell the time immediately, unless they are very good at Sudoku. Fortunately, the company also included more common features such as date, time and EL lighting.

The geekier watch collectors will be delighted to find out that the LCD display of this timepiece also features a touchscreen that reveals the solution to the puzzle, in case they are in a hurry or they simply cannot resolve it in a timely manner.

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