Comics 12 Incredible Artworks of Superman Villains

12 Incredible Artworks of Superman Villains

Superman doesn’t have the gallery of villains Batman has. I mean, he does, but the same way people find it problematic translating Superman well to our times due to his codes and abilities, it makes his villain a bit outdated, like Clark Kent himself. That doesn’t make this artworks of them any less awesome.

Lex Luthor

I don’t know if the green in his eyes has something to do with Kryptonite or him thinking about making more money. Art by Erik Von Lehmann.

Kingpin style. Art by Tom Feister.



Art by William Orr.

3D isn’t always my thing, but you can’t avoid the awesomeness of Darkseid in this one. Art by Jeremy Roberts.


A perfect killing machine the folks in DC just can’t seem to tire of using once in a while. Art by Edgar Gomez.

Art by Aitor Iñaki Eraña.

General Zod

Art by Jerry.


Art by metalmiku.


Anytime I see Bizarro it reminds me of this scene from Seinfeld –

Art by Marcelo Di Chiara.

So evil, so great. Art by Felipe Massafera.


More from the brilliant Aitor Iñaki Eraña.

Art by Patrick Finch.

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