The 25 best Android games of all time

It’s not like the Android platform is anywhere close to dying, as it keeps growing every year, but these are our picks for the best games up until August 2014.

We’ve all been there, you just go looking for something to play on your new Android phone, and end frustrated at the lack of depth in most mobile games, or even worse, finding a decent game only to find out it is plagued by intrusive micro-transactions. Lucky for you, along we come to find games that, more simple or more complex, offer a whole experience and can be enjoyed from start to end without your wallet having to suffer other than the initial entry cost if you don’t want to.

What you see here are our picks for the best Android games of all time… up to August 2014. Now you know our criteria, and know what we’re all about, so how about we jump straight into those recommendations? And no, you already know about Angry Birds, we don’t need to mention it.