10 Best Bread Makers for a Healthy Breakfast

Baking bread that home is surprisingly easy if you have one of the best bread makers. Home bakeries and home bread makers are so popular in the Far East that you will probably be surprised that many people bake bread at home for breakfast. 

Bread makers solve the problem of having to run to the nearest bakery to get a pound just in time for that morning snack. If you had always wanted to prepare your own bread with the right kind of flour all you need is a bread maker. There are multiple bread makers in the market, and it can become quite difficult to choose the right one. It really depends on what kind of bread do you want to bake and how much you want to bake at one go. 

If you live alone or with just a couple of other people, a small bread maker should do. Otherwise, you might want to pick up something more aluminous in order to bake large quantities of bread. Whether you are stuck at home because of coronavirus or you have voluntarily chosen to work at home, a bread maker will make sure that you get adequate nutrition whenever you want.

In this article, we have listed the ten best bread makers that will ensure that you will never run out of your bread supply.

Panasonic Home Bakery (1 Loaf) SD-MDX101-K (BLACK)

Best Bread Makers

There is very little information available about this gadget and it seems to be from Japan. However, it is available in the US and will come shipped right from Japan. It has an operation panel and a display panel which unfortunately may be in Japanese. However, it also has a number of menus, with 40 specific buttons. You can choose the grill color between dark, standard and pale. With just a meter length of the cord, you might have to keep it very close to a power source. Nevertheless, it looks like a great gadget for those who love to bake their bread at home. 

GYL Home Bakery

Best Bread Makers

This automatic bread machine comes with a 13-hour delay timer and allows you to set the dough at night for fresh bread in the morning. It keeps your bread warm for one hour so that you can take a shower and get ready before having your bread. What is more, it even comes with the food and nut dispenser. Last but not least, this home bakery is very stylishly designed and will look great in your kitchen. 

Multifunctional Bread Machine

Best Bread Makers

It’s an automatic programmable bread maker that is perfect for beginners. It makes baking very easy and stress-free for those who are not used to baking. It comes with a dual heating mode and all you need to do is to add the ingredients, select the cycle, and push the start button. This is meant for a small family or for a single person and may not be appropriate for a large family. 

Bread Machine – Stainless Steel 2LB

Best Bread Makers

It is a versatile bread maker that can prepare a number of things that will make your mouth water. This bread machine comes with 19 baking functions including sweet, whole-grain, French bread, jam, cake, and others. You can easily prepare 2 pounds of bread at a time. The LCD display with the delay timer is very useful and can be quickly cleaned in the dishwasher.

COSTWAY 2LB Bread Maker

Best Bread Makers

If you’re looking for a proper bread maker with a number of features, this is the one that you should purchase. Despite mission is a fully programmable multifunctional bread maker, and is perfect for making those golden loaves. It comes with 15 programs and an automatic 15 hours delay time. It keeps your breath warm for an hour and you can choose between three crust colors. 

Zojirushi BB-HAC10 Home Bakery

Best Bread Makers

There is something magical about being able to bake our own cakes and bread. This particular bread maker can be a pound loaf of cake or bread. It comes with multiple settings including cookie dough, jam, and quick bread. The bread maker comes with a nonstick kneading blade and a baking pan. You can also keep watching how your bread gets big thanks to the viewing window. Do not worry about burning your hands as a carrying handle is included with the product. Grab this product now. 

Zojirushi BB-CEC20 Home Bakery Supreme 2-Pound-Loaf Bread maker

Best Bread Makers

This is a beautiful bread maker that can help you bake two-pound loaves. The gadget comes with the LCD Control Panel and a 13-hour delay timer. It can be cleaned easily and the manufacturers have included a measuring spoon a measuring cup and even a user manual with very attractive recipes. The large viewing window makes sure that your bread is getting big properly and perfectly. There are 10 pre-programmed settings, three crust shades and dual-blades. With this gadget, you will always have a fresh supply of bread and cakes. 

Hamilton Beach Artisan Bread Maker

Best Bread Makers

If you’re looking for a bread maker that can bake bread, cake, jam and even do some dough, this is the machine you need. It comes with three crust settings and you can wash it safely in the dishwasher. Like the other bread makers, this too comes with a measuring cup and spoon. However, what makes it special is that it also comes with a kneading paddle. The attractive red and silver color combination makes it an aesthetically pleasing addition to your kitchen. Grab this for all your bread and cake making efforts.

Automatic Multi-Function Intelligent Bread Maker

Best Bread Makers

A lot of people simply do not like noise when they are baking bread. This silent bread maker comes with multiple options such as light color, medium color, and dark setting. It has a 15-hour programmable delay timer and an intelligent panel that displays information about the baking process. The bread maker also ferments the dough very well so that you get a perfectly soft and supple loaf at the end of the baking process. This fermentation is possible due to 3-D heating and a time control function. 

Cuisinart CBK-110P1 Bread Maker

Best Bread Makers

If you’re looking for a compact and tiny bread maker, go ahead and purchase this beautiful gadget. It is automatic, has an intuitive design, and is packed with a number of useful features. Needs to do very well and make sure that the fermentation process is perfect. Thanks to the 13-hour delay start, you can wake up to a fragrant loaf of bread (or even make a selfie Toast with the right gadget) when you are ready for your breakfast. Just butter it up and get ready to work!