Best Buy Rolls Out Music Cloud Service

Apparently not wanting to be left out in the cold, Best Buy officially rolled out its own cloud music service today. The Best Buy Cloud music service will be able to do much the same as the iTunes and Amazon Cloud.

It appears we are seeing a drastically new way that music will be stored, downloaded and played in the future.  If some of the bigger companies have their way, we won’t be storing all of our music on iPods or iPhones or Zunes or any other MP3 type device.  All of our music will be loaded up into cloud services that will then make it possible to download and listen wherever we are and on whatever device we choose to use.

Of course we’ve already seen the well know computer and music companies rolling this out such as the upcoming Apple iCloud with the preview being the new ability to download any song you have purchased through Apple now.  Google Music and Amazon are both working hard to establish themselves as services that offer a cloud based storage for songs and movies and whatever else you can think of.  But a bit of a surprise today is the new player in this service now that Best Buy has launched their personal cloud storage service.

Best Buy’s Music Cloud is not much different from all the other companies.  This isn’t exactly some revolutionary idea that will turn the music industry on its ear.  Of course there is one really nice feature that will at least set it apart from the iCloud in that you will be able to use the Best Buy Music Cloud on your  Android or Blackberry gadgets.  There appears to be a plan in place to add iDevices soon, though they are not available at the moment.

The first step is to go to Best Buy’s Music Cloud site and get signed up.  You download the cloud program to a desktop and laptop and then after it has been downloaded you can connect any phone or device you’d like.  Of course, once you get all set up, you can go with the lite (free) version of the service which is very limited, or you can upgrade for as little as $3.99 a month.  For those who have large music catalogs they’d like to take everywhere, that’s not a terrible price.