Walmart and Gaikai Partnership Makes Cloud Gaming Mainstream

Cloud gaming is on the verge of becoming mainstream thanks to the efforts of companies like Gaikai and Walmart.

The companies announced an important partnership which would allow gamers to check video games on Walmart website, and then play a game right on the site even before purchasing the game to see if they like it. In fact, the partnership would allow you to check a game on the TV, and if you think it is interesting, you could go to Walmart site before buying, play it and then if you really do like it, you could go ahead and purchase the game.

Gaikai co-founder David Perry revealed that many more sites like Walmart would be collaborating with the open cloud gaming platform. Gaikai allows gamers to play the latest games on any Internet-connected device without having to download or install. All that you would need to do is, make sure that you have a fast Internet connection, and then you would just need to click and play.

The cloud-based distribution platform which Gaikai offers also helps video game creators and publishers to communicate with players directly. Gaikai had earlier partnered with Electronic Arts (EA) to stream games like Mass Effect 2 and Dead Space 2 to the masses. Cloud gaming is a new concept which was not popular with the masses, until now. Gaikai allows video game players to use their Internet-enabled devices to play any game that they offer.

The company hopes to partner with many other companies which have a strong foothold in the American mass market like Walmart does. In fact, we may soon see a day wherein we could use the ‘cloud’ to play almost all the popular games without having to download or install anything, and also check demos and previews of games before actually buying them. You could also take a look at Apple’s Cloud Service and Google Chrome OS, which too moves further towards cloud computing.