200 Best Gadgets of 2010

2010 was a wonderful year when it came to technology, new gadgets and other hi-tech news. In order to close it off with a bang, we gathered here a collection of the Top 200 Best Gadgets we ran across this year. This top gadgets list will not include the iPhone, iPad, Android, Kinect or any of that sort of technology, but consists of geeky, fun, weird, kitchen and other new gadgets that add a little extra fun to life.

We hope you enjoy all the Gadgets, have a safe holiday and a Happy New Year!

14 Cool Gadgets

Electric Skateboard

cool gadgets of 2010 electric skateboard 1

This awesome electric skateboard can reach the speed of 19MPH and is available for $549.95.

Business Card Scanner

cool gadgets of 2010 business card scanner 1

The pocket-sized business card scanner works with a simple swipe. The current price is $407.

Pocket Digital Television

cool gadgets of 2010 pocket television 1

The pocket-sized digital television is perfect to have the tube along with you at all times and places. For $199.95, you could.

Computer Display Telescope

cool gadgets of 2010 computer telescope  1

Science geeks will love the computer digital telescope that brings the view to your personal monitor. At $89.95 you will be watching the stars all day and night.

Convenient and Portable DVD Projector

cool gadgets of 2010 Portable DVD Projector 1

The portable DVD projector can reach to a 50″ display and is convenient enough to move around with you easily. It costs $229.

Multi Function Emergency Tool

cool gadgets of 2010 multifunction emergency tool 1

This is a great multi-function emergency tool to help you get out of tight spots is affordable at only $24.99.

Literati Wireless Reader

cool gadgets of 2010 literati-wireless-reader 1

The Literati wireless reader is a great E-Book reader alternative to the nook or Kindle that goes for $159.

Nintendo Mini Classic

cool gadgets of 2010 Mini Nintendo Game Boy Keychain 1

A mini Nintendo Game Boy keychain that is actually playable and is not too costly at $16.

Stargazer’s Scope

cool gadgets of 2010 stargazer scope 1

“The Stargazer’s Scope will help you identify the 70 major constellations and 42 brightest stars in the night sky – no matter where in the world you live.”. It costs $44.95.

Convert Your Records and Tapes into MP3 Format

cool gadgets of 2010 mixmeister usb recorder 1

A simple and effective way to convert your music with a the MixMeister USB recorder that runs for $77.

Television and Radio Amplifier

cool gadgets of 2010 television and radio amplifier 1

Whether you will use it to hear better or to listen louder, the television and radio amplifier is a cool gadget that is easy to enjoy. You can get your own for $29.95.

LED Umbrella

cool gadgets of 2010 led umbrella 1

A cool LED umbrela to keep you lit this coming Winter that will run you back only $24.99.

Kisai Escape C

cool gadgets of 2010 kisai escape c  1

The Kisai Escape C provides one single gadget to combine listening to your music, talking on your cellphone and telling the time. Available now for $107.

Wireless Keyboard + Touch Pad

cool gadgets of 2010 Wireless-Keyboard-Touch-Pad-1

For some long distance wireless computer control, the wireless keyboard and touch pad proves a practical gadget at only $41.

10 Fun Gadgets

Marshmallow Pistol

best gadgets of 2010 marshmallow mforcer pistol

The Marshmallow Mforcer semi-automatic pistol is way more then just a regular toy gun. Available for only $39.99.

Beer Blaster

best gadgets of 2010 beer blaster

This Beer Blaster liquid shooter offers a great new alternative for regular drinking games. $22.99 is its going price.

Alien’s Pulse Rifle

best gadgets of 2010 aliens pulse rifle pistol

Fans of the movie would really appreciate the Aliens Pulse Rifle replica for all its detail and feel. At $899 it is a bit pricey, but it is a remarkable replica.


best gadgets of 2010 airzooka air gun pistol

Blow your friends away with the Airzooka air gun, which is goofy and exciting. Costing only $12.99 makes it fun and inexpensive.

LED Chess

best gadgets of 2010 led chess set

An amazing LED chess and checkers set that will brighten up your room. Available for the price of $89.99.

Master Chess Computer

best gadgets of 2010 mephisto computer chess

Great from beginners to professionals, the Mephisto master chess computer will give you a heck of a fight. At $249.95, it is a hefty price tag to get beaten at Chess 😉

Easy-to-Use DJ System

best gadgets of 2010 computer dj system

A great computer DJ system to give you the tools needed to DJ. For $99.99 you could start spinning your own tracks.

Lego Minifig Torch

best gadgets of 2010 lego torch minifig

Lego lovers would love to see the Lego minifig torch light their way. At least the $24.99 price is also Mini.

Nimble Noggin Robot

best gadgets of 2010 nimble noggin robot

A cool education gadget, the Nimble Noggin Robot provides a great dexterity challenge. It runs for $34.95.

Arcade Bowling Game

best gadgets of 2010 arcade bowling game

If you don’t want to leave the house and love the game of Bowling, the arcade bowling game is a cool alternative that will be just as fun. It is a bit expensive at $7000, but it is probably still cheaper then building your own bowling lane at home.

8 Geek Gadgets

Retro Style Web Camera

top gadgets of 2010 retro style web camera

Photography geeks would get a kick of this retro style web camera that brings the nostalgia to your computer desk. Its price is $29.

Doctor Who TARDIS Bank Keychain

top gadgets of 2010 doctor who tardis keychain bank

If you are looking for a cool keychain that is also a storage place, then the Tardis keychain bank is the one to get. A cool Doctor Who gadget for only $10.99.

Enterprise Pizza Cutter

top gadgets of 2010 star trek enterprise pizza cutter

Trekkies would get the biggest treat, when they are able to slice up their pie with the Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter. It is practically as Geeky as it gets for just $24.99.

T-800 Terminator Skull

top gadgets of 2010 t800 terminator head replica

The T-800 Terminator Skull is a replica of the original on a 1:1 scale but does not come cheap: $599.99.

Floating Lighted Globe

top gadgets of 2010 t800 floating lighted globe

A beautiful floating lighted globe that is perfect for a hi-tech library of modern geeks. It costs $99.99.

Ghostbusters Logo Bank

top gadgets of 2010 ghostbusters logo bank

If you are worried of Ghosts stealing your change, then the Ghostbusters logo bank may be just what will keep them away. The good part is that you don’t have to break the bank to get it for the price of $20.99.

Bird of Prey Wine Opener

top gadgets of 2010 bird of prey wine opener

Another great gadget for Trekkies is the Bird of Prey wine opener which is absolutely awesome for just $19.99.

USB Spherical Microphone

top gadgets of 2010 usb spherical microphone

The USB spherical microphone is an retro themed but delivers modern tech.It costs $189.95.

Spy Gadgets

Night Vision Digital Camera

spy gadgets of 2010 night vision digital video camera

The night vision digital camera is pistol shaped and can really see its own share of action. It costs $99.99.

Lighter HD Camera

spy gadgets of 2010 lighter hd spy cam

This lighter-shaped HD spy cam is a perfect mini cam to catch unsuspecting victims. Available for $69.99.

Handheld Video Camera with Snake Scope

spy gadgets of 2010 snake video camera scope

If you are looking to spy within difficult to reach (or see) places, then this sneaky handheld video camera can help do the trick for just $99.99.

Spy Night Scope

spy gadgets of 2010 spy gear night scope

While it is more geared towards young adults, the spy night scope still makes for a great gadget. At only $14.99, it is also highly affordable.

iPod Shuffle Spy Cam

spy gadgets of 2010 ipod shuffle spy cam

Themed to look like an older iGadget, this iPod Shuffle spy cam is camouflaged pretty well. It is priced at $74.95.

3-in-1 Mini Cam

spy gadgets of 2010 mini spy cam

This miniature spy cam is tiny by size (only one inch) but can take stills, video and also be used as a web cam. The camera runs for $129.95.

Toy Car Mini Cam

spy gadgets of 2010 toy car mini spy cam

Another cool spycam is hidden in this toy car mini cam which can be placed at many unsuspecting areas. At $129.95, it is definitely not like a regular toy.

Digital Wireless DVR Camera Kit

spy gadgets of 2010 wireless dvr cam

For some real surveillance capabilities, this wireless DVR camera is a good choice that will run you $199.95.

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