7 Meowellous Ikea Hacks for Cat Lovers

Ikeahacks are cool, but the idea to take one product and use it in a smart way by modifying it is super clever and geeky.

You can find a lot of IKEA hacks. Some will be out of this world while others are mediocre at best. I love seeing smart and original ways to use IKEA products differently. Today we are all about pampering our furry friends. You can find lots of products in IKEA that can easily become a litter box for your cat, a cat castle and much more. Below are 7 great ideas how to hack 7 different IKEA products especially for your meow friend.

IKEA Hack Cat Hangout


Made from IKEA PS 2014 Storage module this is probably the most chic kitties IKEA hack, simple and absolutely beautiful. This Cat hangout box was build for ‘Def’ the cat after his endless attempts to sit on top of the fridge. His owner decided to get him his very one space above the fridge, and the result indeed is stunning.

Stuva IKEA Litter Box


Let’s face it: A cat’s littler box is pretty ugly, so any attempt to pretty them up is highly appreciated. In this case the result is super slick and modern. The original IKEA furniture is an IKEA STUVA Storage benchTransforming this bench into a litter box is super easy;all you need to do it cut a hole so your cat can fit, and you are done.

Hol IKEA Litterbox


The Hol box is extremely popular among IKEA hackers. I’ve seen lots of cool stuff being done with it and the coolest of the all I think is the turtle house. In this case  tok the Hol box and created a very elegant litter box.

Cat Tree by Frosta X


Cats love to climb trees, so getting them an in-house cat tree is probably one of the best things to get your cat. There is no doubt that creating your very own custom made cat tree from Frosta IKEA stools is super nifty and cool.

Expedit Wall Shelf To Cat House


Ikea Expedit is probably one of the most known and loved IKEA lines of furniture. This cat’s owner wanted a cleaner and more modern cat house to fit their home. After finding that most cat houses available weren’t a good match, they decided to create this calm and clean cat house with scratcher.

 TRENDIG 2013 Tray Table


This is super cool and you can actually create it very easily. May I add that bunk bed for your cats, clever and useful, love this hack!

Modern Cat Scratcher


Lisa was looking for a modern style cat scratcher but couldn’t find anything she liked. She decided to create one on her own own using inexpensive IKEA furniture. She found IKEA’s Rast bedside table to be great for this hack and along with some twisted sisal rope and a staple gun, she managed to create this chic scratcher. 


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